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Vodopivec - Italy

Vodopivec wines are serious Terroir driven wines with perfect purity that are grown with an extreme full circle, real natural biodynamic philosophy on a level beyond imagination. Moon, earth, land, grapes and all their energy combined. An approach with sharp choices and environmental challenges like the Carso soil and the Bora wind.

Conceptually, next to seeing, smelling and tasting there also is a 4th dimension and that is the overall experience of strong developing dynamics that play your whole being.

To make a skin contact wine with this maximum Terroir expression you need a grape variety that doesn't have too much masking aromatics, therefore they have full faith in and focus on Vitovska, the ideal local variety for their, hard and correct rocky Carso Terroir expression.

Paolo wants the soil on which he grew up that expresses the complete local environment, to come fully back in the wine, so as intended, in the long mineral finish, with balance, finesse and elegance, you can almost literally taste and eat the soil.

Even though the wine is made in really beautifully situated Qvevri's, the use of amphorae is only a part of the process, and is not seen as the most important part. Therefore the wines are also not marketed as Qvevri wines.

Paolo believes that fermenting and aging the wine in the rocks is also the best way to stay in contact with the terroir and the energy of the earth, therefore this circle is the ideal way to get the full Vodopivec identity in the wines.