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Ussai - Slovenia


The Ušaj vinery is located in a village called Črniče in the central Vipava Valley. The village lies on the slopes of Mt. Čaven, the ground is very diverse, thus different sorts of vines can be grown there; white sorts on the simpler and red on more difficult soil. The climate of the Vipava Valley ads its share but the greatest contribution to the quality comes from the work in the vineyards and in the cellar. 

Ušaj family decided to make wine that is as natural and genuine as possible. This is why their wines rest for al long time, maturing on fine healthy lees that help the wine to be reacher and softer. Because  the lees are also act as an anti-oxidant, such wines require less sulphur. To make natural wines it is essential to start with healthy and ripe grapes.  All that is good therefore begins in vineyard. Usaj family vines are fully grown and they bear no more than a good kilogram of grapes and they are pruned short resulting in at most a bottle from each vine.

A well tuned trio composed of father Stojan and his two sons Davorin and Klemen, who represent the fourth generation of winemakers in the Usaj lineage, make sure things run smoothly. Their distant roots go back to Sardinia, where the surname Ussai is rather common and it is that inspired them for their brand name first presented in 2006.