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UOU - Slovenia

UOU natural orange and red wines are made from grapes from abandoned vineyards. The consortium of abandoned vineyards cleaned them up, renewed and strengthened them so that they may enjoy a new youth in their late years. Friends from different places and of different ages have been gathering for years among the vineyard terraces, olive trees and with a glass of good wine, each with their own role within the consortium. They were brought together by the wish to preserve older wine sorts, natural wine production and pleasant company of course. They are also bound by the unique and almost unparalleled life energy of landowner Marinko Pintar.

The name of this wine honours the memory of the ox, a beast of burden which in the past was essential for the survival of the people in the Primorska region, who were just as strong, persistent and stubborn. 'UOU' natural wines require complete attention. Old vines and natural agriculture in connection with maturation in wooden barrels are a piece of the recipe which gives the wine its unique aroma with a distinctive body.

Five vineyards in Solkan are located under the St, Catherine (Kekec) hill at an altitude between 110 and 180 metres above sea level. The vineyards cover an area of approximately 1, 35 ha. They face south-east and grow on flysch, also known as ‘opoka’ or ‘soudan’.

THE IVANKA VINEYARD was planted in 1937. It covers an area of 4,100 square metres. Its basis are 80 year old malvazija and rebula vines.

THE MARIJO KURINC VINEYARD from 1932 covers an area of  1,850 square metres. Its treasure are 80 year old malvazija, rebula, tokaj, glera, poljšakica and rumeni muškat vines.

THE SILVA KURINC VINEYARD, planted in 1982. It is a smaller vineyard, it only covers an area of 600 square metres. Malvazija, rebula and sauvignon grow here.

THE GOSPODOVO VINEYARD covers an area of 4,400 square metres, malvazija, rebula and merlot have been growing here since 1978.

THE BIŠČ VINEYARD from 1976 covers an area of 2,180 square metres. There, in the St. Catherine area, malvazija, tokaj and chardonnay grow.