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Svetlik - Slovania

On the high, sunny slope of Čaven, above the village of Kamnje, called Grace, we
planted a Rebula vineyard. And here among our vineyards, we are writing a new story of our lives and slowing down from the daily routine.

The small village of Kamnje lies in the Vipava Valley, a beautiful Slovenian wine-
growing region only an hour and a half’s drive from Venice. The sub-Mediterranean

climate of the Vipava Valley has a beneficial effect on the cultivation of the vine. Our
vineyard gets its charm and power from its extremely sunny location as one of the

highest vineyards in Vipavsko.

In 1994, the aspiration for the art of living in relation to the culture of food and wine
resulted in the opening of the Kenda Manor in Spodnja Idrija, just a stone’s throw away
from the Vipava Valley. The luxury and elegance of the manor match the domesticity
and friendliness of its staff. A guest here feels truly welcome as they are met with
hospitality, peace and homely warmth. The natural food of the manor’s à la carte
restaurant is connected with nature, tradition and the soil, and intertwines with the
natural wine produced in harmony with and respect for nature.

The richness of the aromas of the Rebula, an indigenous variety that grows particularly well in both the Vipava Valley and in Brda (Collio), proves that the position of our Rebula Svetlik vineyard is ideal. We only produce 6,000 bottles as we want to nurture each vine with our touch several times a year. The grape harvest is a holiday when we and our friends handpick the grapes we have been nurturing throughout the summer and into late autumn.

The grapes are macerated until the sugar turns into alcohol, giving the Rebula its amber colour – just like the grapes themselves. It is left to mature in large Slavonski oak barrels for two years before bottling. In addition to its amber colour, Rebula Svetlik is rich in aroma, minerals and flavours. It is drunk as a red wine, at a temperature of 13 to 15 degrees Celsius, in a large glass, which allows it to show all its richness.