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Skerlj - Italy

We are two young farmers, Kristina and Matej. With the help of our parents, Just and Danila, we accepted a challenge: to offer those who come to visit us in Sales, on the Trieste Karst, a little bit of our territory, our flavors and our history. Grandparents, skilled farmers, taught us to take care of the land. Our work is concentrated in the vineyard, in contact with healthy and ripe grapes, and in the family farm.

"The Karst is a country of limestone and juniper. A terrible, petrified cry. Gray boulders of rain and lichens, discolored, cleaved, sharp. Dry junipers. Long hours of limestone and juniper. The grass is bristly. Bora. Sun. The earth is without peace, without conjunctures. It does not have a field to relax. Cold, dark caves. The drop, bringing with it all the stolen soil, has fallen, mysteriously, for a hundred thousand years, and still another hundred thousand.  - Scipio Slataper"

Our small company is in a corner of the Karst on a human scale, where we do things with care and the authenticity of the past: we are at Sales, a stone's throw from Trieste and the sea. With the city and the chaotic life left behind, this is the ideal place to relax with a walk in the surroundings, under the shade of the lime trees, to taste our cold cuts and a good glass of wine.

Malvasia, Vitovska and Terrano: three wines, rocked for two years in oak barrels, in a cellar carved into the stone with limited interventions, only if strictly necessary and bottling without filtration.
A direct and no-frills passage, from the vineyard to the bottle.