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Nine Oaks - Georgia

Georgia is home to the one of the greatest – and oldest – winemaking traditions in the world.

Nine Oaks Estates marries this rich history with modern, sustainable practices to create something old, but new – sustainably produced, natural wines from indigenous, legacy grape varieties, fermented in the ancient Georgian way: in underground clay jars called "kvevri."

Our story starts there, but more recently on 40 hectares of land bought by friends in the Kakheti region about a decade ago. Since then, the nine, 300-year old oak trees that stand on the estate (our namesake) have stood their ground (and inspired our love of the timeless), our four native, single-origin varieties of grapes (Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Khikhvi, and Kisi) have grown, and our love and respect for the land and those who sit at our table has deepened exponentially.