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La Maliosa - Italy


Fattoria La Maliosa is a 160-hectare farm in the Maremman hills made up of arable lands, vineyards, olive trees and forests. It produces natural wines, extra virgin olive oil and honey. The farm has held both organic and biodynamic certifications since 2010, reflecting a continued commitment over time. It’s here that Antonella Manuli has implemented a project based on quality, beauty and environmental wellbeing with complete respect for the territory and its originality.

In the transition from grape to wine, fermentation must take place naturally with yeast and indigenous bacteria. The subsequent processing of the wine in the cellar must be carried out with human expertise in obtaining wine. This must be done without any additives or invasive technology or the use of any chemical or physical intervention capable of modifying the origin and/or natural evolution of the wine, which must find its exclusive origin in the grape.


The GRAPE is the only component that should give rise to the future wine. MAN is the craftsman and the architect of the vineyard and of wine as a wholesome and original product.


Raised in Italy, Switzerland and the United States, she finished her university studies in Business Administration in California, where she met and shared in the Organic Movement’s values. She returned to Italy to work in accounting and finance before landing in Maremma Tuscany and running, for ten years, the Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort.

In the meantime she was fascinated by the surrounding area because of its beauty and unique environmental characteristics, so she started searching for the land which has now become the Fattoria La Maliosa organic farm, producing natural wines, extra virgin olive oil and honey. With the agronomist and researcher Lorenzo Corino she has developed the viticultural project since 2013, and together they implemented the codification of the “Metodo Corino”.

She is collaborating with Lorenzo Corino on numerous cultural projects, among them as an editor for the book “The Essence of Wine” , and as a co-author for the essay “Vegetal biodynamics: the future of natural wine”, published by Fondazione Istud – Mondadori University Press.