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Križ winery - Croatia


" Adversity makes Plavac wine better! "

2 hectares. Our agricultural family farm comprises 2 hectares of vineyards with southern exposure to the Prizdrina village and the Postup region.

The soil and vine are treated by hand, without the use of harmful chemicals. The approach to wine production is ecological. Natural yeasts are preserved in the soil and in the grapes themselves, so that there is no need for selected yeasts, nitrogen fertilizers, enzymes, and especially for unacceptable additives and preservatives. Natural ripening and traditional cultivation is fostered, alongside contemporary scientific knowledge. The emphasis is on the terroir. This is what creates the pristine taste and aroma, recognised by the competent state and international authorities.

Fermentation. Natural yeasts are well preserved on the surface of the grapes so that, despite the high alcohols, fermentation occurs spontaneously. The completely natural Plavac Mali arrives to our cellar with its preserved natural yeasts, which allows for a completely spontaneous fermentation process. We foster traditional processing, while at the same time applying modern scientific principles, with a special focus on the quality of the barrels in which our wine ferments and ripens.

Plavac loves us, but we love it even more!