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Fritz Wieninger - Austria

Fritz Wieninger – the pioneer of quality wine in Vienna

"The most beautiful thing is to see how the wine develops - from grape juice to a profound speciality. I realize the vision that I have in my head is in harmony with the soil, climate and grape variety. And my target is to create what is typically Viennese. Each wine is also the expression of the winemaker´s personality and has quite a lot to do with emotion and individuality.”

Quality is at the center of it all. Fritz Wieninger always has a clear idea of what he wants – specifically quality and professionalism. Because only quality makes sense in the long run – after all, that can be tasted as well!

Having a consistent focus on quality led Fritz Wieninger to cultivate his vineyards according to bio-dynamic guidelines. The result: soils that are alive with healthy vines, and high quality wines that reflect a close relationship to nature.

Indeed, the most important thing is not high yield, but the health, self-healing power and the quality of vines and the wine. With bio-dynamic cultivation comes biodiversity, and the amount of micro-organisms and the humus content of the soils increases. Herbicides, pesticides, systemic sprays and artificial fertilizers are completely eliminated. We work with, for example, infusions and bio-dynamic preparations. Sophisticated greening implementation in the vineyards supports the optimal thriving of fauna and flora.