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Franco Terpin - Italy


When you meet Franco Terpin, he comes across as an honest man. As you go talking to him and getting to know him, you realize that’s exactly what he is. Franco is a natural winemaker from Friuli, from a small rural village called San Floriano del Collio, a place that for an Orange wine lover is Paradise on Earth. Six white wines, all macerated on the skins, and a Merlot-based red wine, is all his production for a total of around 10,000 bottles a year.

Franco is a big man, so you can imagine how much passionate he is about his wines and about hi winemaking style. He is so full of funny anecdotes that he is willing to share with you, but moreover, he loves to share his wines with you.

Franco works his vineyards both organically and naturally. He believes his duty when the wines arrive in the cellar is letting them express themselves, accompany them in their journey through life, no corrections done, no chemicals, no added enzymes or selected yeasts, only the indigenous ones. Just the way wines have been produced in this area for decades.

When you smell his wines, you find his soul in them, his passion and his heart. Their aromas embrace you as the first rays of light in a summer day. We might start a debate about whether his Ribolla Gialla, his Sauvignon, his Chardonnay, his Pinot Grigio or his Friulano is the best wine, but you know that in the end that discussion is not needed. What really counts is that you can enjoy the wonderful wines of this big man.

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