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Cultus - Slovenia

Cultus Estate. Wijnmaker Matej Žvanut.

The philosophy about wine is simple, we understand and experience it as a concept of art, this way our ways around it are intertwined. Our winemaking path is not predefined, it is not outlined, it is a matter of inspiration and ideas for cooperation with nature. With a lot of manual work, effort and dedication we follow nature's idea of wine, there is an identity that wines can speak for themselves.

It’s not exactly proved how far in past our history of a family wine growing goes, but we own the oldest cellar in Vipava valley from 1683. When modern times came we followed the main politics of Vipava wine growing and we transported all grapes to the main cellar. The big break came 2009 when I finished Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. We canceled the contract with the main cellar and stepped on our own path.

Following we registered the trademark Cultus. While this time we renovated our vineyards with low yield system (Mono Guyot) in an old fashion way. Today we have 4 white (Pinot Blanc, Zelen, Welschriesling and Malvasia Istriana) and 2 red (Merlot, Pinot Noir) varieties. Zelen is an autochthonous plants from this region and they were first mentioned in the books around 14th century. We are small family winemakers with 3,5 ha of vineyard. Most of the work is done by hand without big machinery.

The vineyards are separated in different plots, where generations of people before us have been growing plants. We are strictly committed to our way, our wine come as they are, with no big intervention. We love our soil and biodiversity, we see our vineyards as a factory where everything is made, no big procedure later in the cellar. Carefully with a lot of care, hard work and selection through the year we pick up full matured grapes in the harvest time, later in the cellar with less touch as possible we follow nature idea of wine. We applied to be certificated with EU standard of ecological growing, the certification process will start 2020.