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Cigoj - Slovenia

Our farm covers 40 ha, where our vineyards, fields and home garden are cultivated by our diligent hands.

Behind the house is a vegetable garden and behind the garden a vineyard. Next to the vineyard is a stable full of pigs and a few dozen capons. There is a pasture behind the barn where mangalicas are bred. Their meat, bacon and greaves have a much better taste and smell than regular pork. The meat of the mangalica is delicious and marbled. The cross section resembles beef kobe and also has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. The taste of the meat is elegant and unobtrusive. Next to the barn is a fenced hill on which cattle angus graze.

What we offer our guests is really homemade.

When you drive across Razdrto, you have a view of the beautiful Vipava Valley. Its uniqueness and characteristic is its openness to the west, which influences the life here. Vineyards spread on the sun-soaked hills. The bora wind adds to their preciousness and that is why our valley, the valley of the bora and the sun, is enriched with an exquisite noble drop. We are kind people here. We always carry a smile on our lips and in our hearts. Our hospitality is something special, come visit us and taste it all.

Work and new ideas are being passed on from generation to generation, so our farm got a new look when father Branko and mom Zmaga handed over the farm to their son Jordan, who brought the bride Silva from Stanošina near Podlehnik to the house. He knew that Styrian women were hardworking. So, in 1989, we opened the door to a tourist farm, which is located in the oldest house in the village. According to old records and a portal found, its' construction is expected to date back to 1811.

After 7 years, in 1996, we completed the construction of a new farm building and moved the whole farm to the outskirts of the village. We renovated a new basement and increased the space for the purposes of a tourist farm. However, since our desire was to offer guests to stay on our farm for a longer time, after 7 years, in 2003, we supplemented our offer with rooms.
It really is number 7, miraculous.