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Blažič - Slovenia

The history of the Blažič farm dates back to 1890 when our great grandfather Peter Blažič bought the farm and together with his family made a living with viticulture and fruit growing. The location of the farm itself really characterized us. 

New state borders after the World War II divided it between two countries – the house with the basement remained in Yugoslavia and all the rest of the agricultural land with vineyards in Italy. The border was guarded and not easily crossed. It took great perseverance, hard work and dedication of our parents, Ferdinand and Danica, whose merit is that the farm is still standing  and continues the story ...

Our farm is located in the heart of Goriška brda, in Medana, in a village Plešivo, which is situated on the Slovenian Italian border. This border divides 9 hectares of exceptionally well situated vineyards, which in favourable climatic conditions give us more than 30 thousand bottles of wines that were first bottled in 1993. 

We cultivate 9 hectares of vineyards that extend on the Slovenian and Italian part of the Brda region. Favourable climate and the Brda soil rich with minerals give ideal conditions for the growth of the vine. Different locations and altitudes of our mostly terraced and grassy vineyards give individual varieties optimal conditions for the growth and maturation. 

We grow mostly white varieties. The traditional Brda varieties rebula and sauvignonasse (former Tocai Friulano) occupy a special place among them. Our vines are less loaded and thus we enable the grapes to ripen to full maturity. The harvest is done manually. 

Nature friendly production of grapes gives our wines the main characteristics. The wines have an exceptional character, typical of the variety and unmistakably ours - the Blažič family. 

Given the length of maturation and the complexity, they are divided into three lines:
- fresh wines - simple wines, matured only in stainless steel (white label),
- mature wines - complex wines, matured up to two years in wooden barrels (black label),
- selections – wines, that are made only in the best vintages, from the best grapes and in small quantities (black label with yellow border).