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13 - 15 January 2020 - Amsterdam RAI 
11:00 - 18:00

Orange Wines, The Fine New Old Tradition 

The Orange Wine Revolution

On 13th - 15th January 2020 a new edition will be held in the RAI Congress Center in Amsterdam, during the Wine Professional fair. This is organized by The Wine & Food Association together with The Orange Wine Club.


Discover and explore the fourth wine colour!

Orange wine might sound like a crazy modern invention, but it's actually one of the oldest, most traditional ways of making wine from white grapes, but treating them as if they were red - so the skins stay in contact with the grape juice. It's a very natural, hands-off, low intervention, way to do things, without any of the additives or processing that are common in most modern wines.

You'll find unique flavors and aromas that just don't exist in conventional white wines. Orange wines are truly in the middle, with the liveliness and energy of white wines, but the body and complexity of reds. They're delicious, nourishing and authentic.

​This is a unique opportunity to meet many of the passionate family winegrowers  who make these wines, taste their creations and find out more about their regions and traditions. You will not only be able to taste taste great Orange wines from these small winegrowers, but some will also present their red and white wines, so you can experience the full spectrum.

Various artisan farmers of delicacies like: cheese, charcuterie, truffles and oils will have a place on our event because we believe their philosophy goes hand in hand with the way of working of our winegrowers.


The wines and delicacies that can be tasted on the Orange Wine Revolution will be presented by the winemakers or their importers.

If you're ready to challenge your whole perception of wine, step outside the safe-but-boring confines of the supermarket shelves, come and join us on 13th - 15th January 2020 on the Wine Professional Fair to experience completely new dimensions in wine.

Participation information about the upcoming edition of the Orange Wine Revolution 2020.

Visitors will have to register in advance for the event. The wine fair is Business to Business, and only accessible for professionals based on invitations. 

​If you would like to participate, as a winemaker, an importer, a farmer of other artisan delicacies, you can contact us using the participation page. 

If you are a sommelier, restaurant owner, importer, journalist, writer, blogger or just an enthousiast, please contact us on the visitors page.